A culture lover’s guide to Dublin, Ireland.- by Min Wang

Michigan State University Study Abroad - Mass Media 2017

by Min Wang 

Dublin’s rich cultural heritage is a not only pride for its locals but also a heaven for people who enjoy Irish music, literature, and films as strolling down Eustrace Street, no one wants to miss those precious haunts.

Irish Film InstituteIrish Film Institute


IFI is the national cultural institution for the films. Throughout the archive, you can get a sense of Irish movie industry history while the shop by the door sells tons of film DVDs and posters.

Inside of Irish Film Institute in a minimal style architecture.

At the cinema inside, it shows the finest independent movies every day, both internationally and local Irish movies. Not to mention the Cafe inside is tasty with a reasonable price.

For visitors without membership, you can easily check films info, showtime table, and purchase a ticket via its website.

IMG_0108 The hallway of the cinema with the posters of coming movies.

IMG_0109 Currently on show, a movie about Syrian refugee life in Finland.  Image:…

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