“You Don’t See Many Black Women on the Wall”: Detroit Artist Sabrina Nelson Uses Public Art to Educate

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Artist Sabrina Nelson has been a creative force in Detroit for over three decades.


When she was invited to participate in the annual public art festival Murals in the Market in Eastern Market in 2018, she knew she wanted to use the opportunity to highlight the role of African-American women in Detroit’s creative community.

The majority of muralists than I knew were men,” says Nelson. “You don’t see many black women on the wall.”

(data support) Gender Ratio.

In addition to being a professional artist, Nelson works as a studio art teacher at the Detroit Institute of Arts and as an admissions counselor at the College for Creative Studies.

She used her wall space off Russell Street to paint a trio of women — activist Grace Lee Boggs, poet and performer jessica Care moore and community advocate Charity Hicks.

I wanted to say something about the women who did a lot of work here, that left marks here,” says Nelson.

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Mural Search by Detroit Museum of Public Art:

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Murals in Detroit:

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God Save the Queen-The 40 Years of Punk Anthem-by Min Wang

Michigan State University Study Abroad - Mass Media 2017


Now the address is the home of Leicester Square,  people passing by as usual to this cinema right next to China Town in London. But only a few know the little history behind it – those loyal punk fans, in March 1977 Notre Dame Hall played host to the Sex Pistols first performance with their new bassist: Sid Vicious.

“Things would never be the same after he joined the band.”

You may not know about Sex Pistols but you must hear of God Save the Queen, not the national anthem. It’s also the anthem for Britsh punk rock. The same titled song as an arena that connected punk rock to politics, rebellion, and culture, became an anthem all over the world ever since it released.

The content and its anarchism undertone which critiques Queen Elizabeth II quickly made the band public enemy, following headline like “The Filth and the Fury, ”…

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Spillers in Cardiff -the Oldest Record Shop in the World since 1894. -by Min Wang

Michigan State University Study Abroad - Mass Media 2017

by Min Wang 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Spillers Record shop. Image: Min Wang

How old a record store could date back? The square space located at 31, Morgan Arcade in Cardiff, Wales may give you a shocking answer. It’s been serving music lovers since 1894 where The original store was opened by Henry Spiller in the Queen’s Arcade in Cardiff, selling music on wax cylinders and shellac discs.

3020337JPG Spillers Record at Queen’s Arcade, 1920s.

Yet it’s not too long after the Record Store Day weekend which has been celebrated by records lovers all over the world on April 22nd. This festival just had its 10th anniversary this year.  During record store day, a bunch of music-related events was happening, live music and of course, new record releases.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Record Store Day collection was sold at Spillers. Image: Min Wang

Going to the record store is a good way to get to know the local music scene…

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A culture lover’s guide to Dublin, Ireland.- by Min Wang

Michigan State University Study Abroad - Mass Media 2017

by Min Wang 

Dublin’s rich cultural heritage is a not only pride for its locals but also a heaven for people who enjoy Irish music, literature, and films as strolling down Eustrace Street, no one wants to miss those precious haunts.

Irish Film InstituteIrish Film Institute


IFI is the national cultural institution for the films. Throughout the archive, you can get a sense of Irish movie industry history while the shop by the door sells tons of film DVDs and posters.

Inside of Irish Film Institute in a minimal style architecture.

At the cinema inside, it shows the finest independent movies every day, both internationally and local Irish movies. Not to mention the Cafe inside is tasty with a reasonable price.

For visitors without membership, you can easily check films info, showtime table, and purchase a ticket via its website.

IMG_0108 The hallway of the cinema with the posters of coming movies.

IMG_0109 Currently on show, a movie about Syrian refugee life in Finland.  Image:…

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Skating in London & the “Skateboarding Hero.” -by Min Wang

Michigan State University Study Abroad - Mass Media 2017

London as one of the big cities, I didn’t notice too many skaters until I went to skate parks to explore the scene here.

Here’s a video of London’s unique skate scene I produced. In this short video, I talked to a few skaters about their passions to skateboarding changes it brought to their lives at Southbank Skatepark and Mile End Park, two major skateparks in London.

“He died as a hero.” 

Beyond the culture part, the terror attack in London Bridge got the whole city in grief. Noticeably in the humane side, a skate hero’s brave action got him honored by Spain.

Ignacio Echeverría a Spanish skateboarder, who died during the attack because he hits one of the attackers by his skateboarder with his skateboard.

I interviewed some of his skateboarding buddies about his life in this video as he will always be remembered.

Mile End Park, the local skatepark he used to skate…

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5 Things I love about U.K. -by Min Wang

Michigan State University Study Abroad - Mass Media 2017

Today marked the last day of our trip, 35 days, all over U.K and Ireland. I have been traveled a lot over the world, so before I come to this trip I was ready to be amazed.

1. Of course…Music.

Unknown Pleasures record

For people who know me, they won’t be surprised that I found U.K. fascinating by its music history, especially rock and roll. From post-punk to Brit-pop, punk to shoegaze, sex pistols to Joy Division, the Jesus and Mary Chain to my own friend Hamish. During my trip in the United Kingdom this time, my musical desire has driven me to lots of locations related to rock and roll.

  • Irish Rock experience museum
  • Sun Studio
  • Abbey Road
  • Manchester – bridge where Joy Division took album cover picture.
  • Camden Town

Last but not least- Records Store! I got to visit the oldest record shop in the world, Spillers Record in…

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