Living the Brainchild – Preserving the punk history by using multimedia

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Livingbrainchild is an oral-history reporting project about mid-Michigan self-published zine community and history.

Why Zine?

Min Wang have always been passionate about arts & cultural reporting and subcultural research. During my time of pursuing a Master’s degree in journalism at East Lansing, Michigan.  She discovered the hidden gems of Lansing music and art scene in late 1970s’ – a legendary hardcore punk figure -Tesco Vee and his long time run zine publication, Touch & Go. Wang was amazed by the rich zine collection at Michigan State University and the nationwide zine association and it was used as an educational method to teach writing in college…..Researched and considered all things above, Living the Brainchild has born to preserve the history in a modern multimedia form, featuring visual storytelling, still photography in an interactive website. 

Type: Course project (solo)

Duration: 3 months

Tasks: Interviewing, News writing, Web design, Video production, Photography, Visual design, Storytelling, Branding.

Result: An interactive feature reporting website with a YouTube video channel.

Production process:

  • Researched  and analyzed archive and zine collection.
  • Conducted interviews.
  • Shot videos & photos.
  • Edited videos of each characters to an individual story.
  • Built a website from scratch to present content.
  • Write feature stories.
  • Designed infographic, graphic and visual materials for website.

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