The New Vinyl



Background: Driven by shared interests in music and multimedia storytelling,  I worked with Marie Orttenburger and Kate Habrel on a multimedia reporting project The New Vinyl to investigate the vinyl phenomenon.

Duration: 3 months

Role: Writer, videographer & photographer, visual storyteller, Social media manager.

Task: Interviews, Feature story writing, Photography, Post-production, Visual Design, Visual storytelling, Social Media management, Project Management

Team: Marie Orttenburger, Kate Habrel

Result: An nteractive multimedia website with original content.

Awards : “The New Vinyl Project” won the Broadcast Education Association’s Best of Festival award out of 1,450 entries, and the Society of Professional Journalists’s Region 4 Mark of Excellence , “ The best online feature reporting ” award.

“Thorough, lots of videos, great infographics, interesting info, well laid out. Original content that was unexpected, including videos on the history of records, with examples. A fun and original project.”

“Outside of Navigation, overall they balanced facts with the emotion of personal narrative which attracts a breadth of audience. The site has a consistent aesthetic across the imagery, writing, and graphics.”

———– Judge comments by The BEA Festival Committee 2017

My key role include:

  • Generate story ideas.
  • Collaborate with team about production process.
  • Shoot video & photo for website.
  • Conduct interviews.
  • Design infographic pairing with feature stories.
  • Write feature stories.
  • Co-Manage social media accounts (Instagram) and post weekly with visual storytelling. (Video, Still Photography)





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